Juha Hyvärinen

Chief Judge emeritus, trained on the bench

Education and titles
Trained on the bench, Eastern Finland’s Court of Appeal, 1973
Master of Laws, University of Helsinki, 1970
High school graduate, Mikkeli, 1964

Work experience
Arbitrator of employment disputes, appointed by the Council of State, 1998-2014
Chief Judge, Northern Finland’s district court, 2010-2012
Chief Judge, District court of Kuopio, 2001-2009
Justice at Court of Appeal of Eastern Finland, 1979-1984, 1989-1990, 1994-2000
District court judge, Kuopio, 1991-1993
District court judge, Kajaani, 1985-1989
Judicial secretary of Eastern Finland’s court of Appeal, 1973-1978
Attorney-at-law, Kuopio and Suonenjoki, 1973-1978

Association of Finnish Lawyers

Honorary offices
Kuopio Conservatory, chairman of the board, 2000-
Kuopio Friends of Music Society, chairman of the board, 1997-
Kuopio Club Ltd, chairman of the board, 1998-2001
Finnish Lawyers’ Society, Kuopio, chairman of the board, 1993-1998
Association of Finnish Lawyers, member of the delegation, 1993-1995
Kuopio Dance Festival, member of the board, 2008-

Main areas of practice
– dispute resolution and arbitration
– executor of the distribution of an estate
– arbitration
– employment law

English, Swedish

Music, golf, photography, boating