Pricing Principles

Primarily we charge each case by the hour. Our hourly rate varies depending on the nature and level of complexity of the case.

We provide our clients with a cost estimate in order to prevent any surprises in relation to the costs involved.

We offer our corporate clients legal advice with fixed monthly rate. In addition, we offer competitive fixed prices on some of the most common commissions (e.g. last wills, prenuptial agreements)

Legal expenses insurance

Many home and company insurances include a legal expenses clause which allows a client to have his/her legal expenses covered through insurance by paying the deductible determined by the insurance policy in question.

We assist our clients with the application process.

Legal aid

Many households in Finland are eligible for legal aid based on their income. The amount payable by eligible client varies from 0-75 % depending on their income level. The right to legal aid depends on the subject of the case at hand.